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Solar energy has been around for some time, but only in recent years has it started to increase in demand. Solar energy has numerous benefits that can change the way we access renewable energy in the environment. Solar panels making doing so easier. Solar panels are often installed on the roofs of homes or businesses to attract direct sunlight and convert it into energy that can be made available for interior use. Solar energy has the capability to power all kinds of everyday items, such as appliances and lights, and does so at a lower cost than other forms of energy. Over time, you’ll likely notice a decline in your energy bills completely.

About Us

At Solar Panels Eugene, we’re passionate about the renewable energy industry and want to know our knowledge and expertise with the community around us. We believe that solar energy can transform the way Eugene and Salem, Oregon power its homes and businesses, and can ultimately save money and resources in the long run. With solar panels that are able to generate and transform sunlight, we’re aiming to set Eugene and Salem up for success long term through eco-friendly, durable energy solutions.


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Our Services

Our range of services caters towards clients that want to give back to the environment and rethink the way they power their homes and businesses. We offer a list of standard solar power services that include installation and maintenance, as well as informative consultations and assessments. When discussing such services with one of our customer service agents or solar panel experts, you’ll soon realize that having renewable energy is easier than you thought!

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Solar Panel Cost Eugene

The cost of solar panels varies from size to the type of property you’re looking to have them installed on. For the most part, you should expect to pay a few thousand dollars for the initial installation. While this may seem like a lot to put down for one project, the cost of solar panels will eventually pay for itself over time the more you use them and the lower your current energy bills become. Solar panel costs are also dependent on the watt usage, meaning the bigger the panels, the more expensive.

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Solar Power Eugene

As the area’s most trusted solar panel company, we’re continually striving to bring more and more solar power energy sources to the city of Eugene. Our work and advocacy have been successful in converting clients to switch to solar power systems within their homes and offices, as well as reducing the amount of non-renewable energy that’s consumed. We’ll continue to provide our services to the Eugene area, so long as there are clients and places that could easily benefit from solar power energy.

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Solar Power Systems Eugene

Solar power systems are integrated systems that are installed to produce efficient, renewable energy. There’s much more to converting sunlight into energy than simply installing a panel, as it requires a converter and engineered installation to do so. Without properly scaling the space and area beforehand or determining where the sun reaches its peak around the roof at hand, your solar power system will not be fully maximized.

“I contacted Solar Panels Eugene to assist with installing some solar panels into my home’s roof. They were really friendly and informative and walked me through everything I needed to know about having solar panels and what to expect. Very professional team!” – Michael H.

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“The team at Solar Panels Eugene definitely know what they’re talking about when it comes to solar panels and solar power systems. I have a business that I wanted to switch to solar power to save energy. They gave me an installation rate that I was comfortable with and I saw a change in our energy bills instantly.” – Jonathan E.

Solar Panels Eugene - Solar Panel Cost Eugene

“I was curious to know how much solar panels cost in Eugene, since it tends to rain a lot in Oregon. The guys at Solar Panels Eugene were really helpful and friendly, ensuring that I had all the information needed before deciding to install solar panels before actually doing so. Thanks, Solar Panels Eugene!” – Miranda W.


Solar Power Incentives Eugene

Although there are a number of incentives that could drive someone to invest in solar power, some of the common ones include lowering monthly energy bills, contributing to the environment, low maintenance, and it’s a renewable energy source that continues to be in use. These incentives alone are enough to get many clients to want to switch over to solar power or integrate solar power systems into their homes and businesses.

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Solar Panels Salem

Like solar panels in Eugene, solar panels in Salem will range at the roughly the same amount depending on use, size, and wattage. While we started out in the Eugene area, we’ve gradually begun to expand our services to the Salem area, where more and more clients are beginning to understand the benefits of solar power. We’re more than happy to deliver our professional solar panel services to the Salem area and would never turn down a client simply because of their location.

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Cost of Installing Solar Panels Eugene

As mentioned previously, the initial cost to install solar panels in the Eugene and Salem area will put you back a few thousand dollars. When installing our solar panels, we do our best to inform you of all anticipated costs upfront so that you’re not stunned by the final bill. There are no hidden fees when it comes to working with us, so what you see is what you’ll get!

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If you’d like to learn more about our solar panel installation and maintenance services or what areas we currently provide services to, you can easily reach us on the contact number provided on our website. Through this service number, you’ll be able to speak with one of our customer service representatives about scheduling a consulting or appointment to have one of our solar panel experts take a look at how and where a solar panel installation could best benefit you. For a free estimate on our services or to see how much it costs in general to install a solar panel system, you can complete the contact form on our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.