Cost of Installing Solar Panels Eugene

Solar Panels Eugene - Cost of Installing Solar Panels Eugene

The cost of installing solar panels in Eugene, OR varies and is dependent on several factors, ranging from size and wattage. For commercial properties that require more energy to sufficiently power the larger space, they will need to have bigger solar panels that are strategically placed to attract sunlight. This cost will be significantly higher than standard solar panels made for residential purposes. The wattage on both, as well, will also escalate the price of installation as the commercial property will use more wattage than residential property, as it likely has more devices, space, and appliances to fuel.

Free Estimates

With our solar panel services, we want to remain as transparent as possible about the associated costs of solar power systems and installation. We understand that many clients may not be aware of the costs that are included with solar panels or they are aware but worry it may be something they can’t afford. We offer free estimates for our solar panel services, whether it be maintenance or installation, and can guarantee that you won’t be surprised by any hidden charges or fees along the way.

Upfront Costs

For first time clients that are looking to have solar panels installed, they should expect to pay a few thousand for the upfront costs of installation, plus the amount relevant to the panels’ wattage. This fee is usually common across the board, regardless of where you live in the Eugene or Salem area, or who installs your panels. Since the amount can be quite daunting for some, we’re never opposed to offering payment plans to ensure that you’re able to still obtain solar panels that work into your lifestyle, and without breaking the bank completely. If you have a particular budget in mind, just let us know and we’d be more than willing to work something out with you.

Long-term Costs

In the long run, you likely won’t see yourself needing to spend much more than the initial costs for installation. The occasional maintenance may be needed from time to time, if a severe storm hits or a tree damages your panels unexpectedly. Either way, your panels should eventually pay for themselves with the amount of use and longevity you’ll receive from them. Long-term costs are generally limited and once your lump sum of initial payment is complete, you won’t find yourself paying for the solar panels again anytime soon!

Our Promise

Our promise to you, as the solar panel experts of the Eugene area, is to deliver you with the best, and most honest services available. We’re not here to cheat you out of thousands of dollars nor would we ever offer you a service we don’t believe could better your life. Therefore, we promise to remain open and give information to the best of our knowledge and provide as much assistance as possible. You can count on us to give you all the details, when they’re needed, and walk you through the process of installing solar panels, every step of the way. Find out much more details about us.


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