Solar Panel Cost Eugene

Solar Panels Eugene - Solar Panel Cost Eugene

Solar panel costs aren’t cheap in the first instance, but they are well worth it. We recommend obtaining quotes from a few experts before making a decision on how much you’ll pay for solar panels. In general, many professionals will tell you roughly the same amount for installation, so anything too cheap should have you concerned. If it sounds too good to be true, it likely is! Therefore, we suggest sticking to the pros, even if it means paying slightly more to get the best service.

Solar Panel Equipment

What typically goes into a solar power system is what will cost you the most. Included in the system are the panels themselves, a controller that essentially ‘holds’ the energy, a battery, an inverter that converts the energy, and the energy itself. The equipment required to set up a successful solar power system is expensive but the payback of the equipment and how long you’ll use it for, makes the products completely worth the price. Fortunately, since you’ll only need one of everything, the first-time installation cost covers the complete price of each piece of equipment.

Labor Costs

Labor costs for installation will be dependent on the contractor you use for solar panel services. We maintain an open price list with all of our clients so they’re well aware of the labor costs before the installation process has even begun. Our do our best to keep labor costs low and only use the team members needed to successfully carry out each project. Our goal is to make solar panel installation as easy, affordable, and quick as possible, without relaying more unforeseen costs on you. We’ll do all that we can to keep the job as quick as possible while still efficiently completing the job at hand. While some contractors may price their labor costs more than others, that may not always mean you’re getting the most transparent of services. Always be sure to gather quotes, feedback, and customer reviews from solar panel contractors before settling on their services, as you don’t want to pay more for something that’s less than impressive.

Maintenance Costs

While you shouldn’t incur too many maintenance costs with solar panels, you might need to change the batteries occasionally on the system. We will provide you with all of the information and costs associated with changing batteries or repairing potential damages to your solar panels that could happen over time. For severe damages, we advise you to give us a call in advance so that we can address them instantly and give our expert feedback on a plausible solution.


Although solar panels typically function best when exposed to clear daylight, they still absorb some sunlight during cloudy and rainy days as well, so even in the Winter and rainy Spring, you’ll cash in on some extra savings with your new solar panels. While the savings may not appear drastic at first, your overall savings during the payback period will likely pay for themselves over the course of several years.


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