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Although we started out in Eugene, OR by providing quality solar panel installation services to our clients in the area, we have recently begun to extend our products and services to devoted clients in the Salem area as well. Since our knowledge and services are transportable, we thought it only natural to give our expertise to clients in a neighboring city who are eager to revitalize their energy sources amongst their homes and businesses.

Trusted Service

Our services have been trusted in the Salem area since we began expansion. In fact, a number of clients heard about our services from neighbors in Eugene and requested that we travel to outlying cities for further business. What makes us reliable is not only our dedication to the art of solar power but also our approach to enlightening clients about its many benefits. We’re completely committed to enhancing the environment and optimizing renewable energy sources, where we can. Therefore, clients in Salem can trust us for dependable and consistent service, each and every time.


While there’s no set cost for the entire service of solar panel installation, we do everything in our power to ensure that you’re getting the best price available. Whether it be through incentives with your local utility company or via payback plans directly with us, we want you to feel comfortable about your investment and excited for the money you’ll save and the good deed you’ll do for the environment. Our services are intended to be as affordable as possible, without cutting the professionalism and talent needed to complete the job with a good standard. Even when we try to cut costs, it doesn’t mean we cut corners, so you’ll never be getting a sub-par job from us!


We’ve made the extra effort to ensure that our products and services are completely transportable so our clients in Salem, OR can enjoy our services as well. In doing so, we’ve been able to expand and reach more clients than ever before in outlying areas, especially those that aren’t satisfied with their current energy plans or utility providers. While it’s not necessarily the fault of the company, it’s known that some clients in more remote areas don’t have as stable an energy flow as those inside the city. To combat this problem, solar panels help regulate incoming power and keep it more consistent, even on days when the sun isn’t out.

Delivery and Installation

Since our services are transportable, we bring them right to you and provide the installation from start to finish. We always arrive on time and ready to take on the project at hand. Some projects may only take a few hours to complete, while others could take several days, depending on the complexity of where the installation is on the roof and its overall structure. If there are any bumps in the road or you have questions about our delivery and installation services, we’re always here to answer questions and provide adequate resources.


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